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At Freedom Fighters (family owned and operated since 2009) we pride ourselves on quality care and customer service. With more than 20 agents state-wide, we strive to set ourselves apart from the market by offering the fastest, easiest, and friendliest service in Maryland. Our approach is different than other bail bonds companies as we are a God-centered company and believe that treatment beyond bail is a major asset in treating, and healing, an individual’s wounds. Through top-notch lawyer referrals, drug treatment and half-way house referrals, we continue to help people after our initial interaction.


Freedom Fighters Bail Bonds offers lower down payments and better payment plans than most of our competitors. We will not pull your credit and we accept all forms of payment. Our friendly agents across the state of Maryland ensure the process is fast, efficient, and convenient; we even offer house calls! Every aspect of our service is tailored to fit the needs of the individual client, and loved ones, providing them with assistance at all stages of the process including access to a great network of attorney’s and treatment-based facilities.


We understand that everyone makes mistakes, personal setbacks, addictions, and struggles that they must overcome.  We are hands on with helping our clients and our community.  We have been referred many many clients, and even providing transportation, to treatment facilities.  We have connected clients, and others in need, with halfway houses, jobs and even clothing.  We have done volunteer work at local churches, soup kitchens, food drives, and clothing giveaways. 

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